Introducing MyLearnerJourney


MootUS 23:  Who are you and how does your company help your clients?

MyLearnerJourney: We are MyLearnerJourney, we are passionate eXperience designers and specialize in creating hyper-visualization for connected learning ecosystems.

Empirical research and data provide sufficient evidence today that as humans, we engulf in our world surrounding us best when we see things in context visually. Over time, this is true for all of us having evolved from being native readers of print that required us the power of imagination and visualization, to our current world of videos, visuals and rich media that puts everything in context, and right at the outset. Take for example how the world commutes today with visual aids from digital maps heightening all our senses, our experience, and our confidence in a physical journey, that we embark with ease.

With Learning, we think this experience for a Learner (and their Instructor) should be no different, and particularly no less than a deep involved visual experience with actionable insights that heightens one’s confidence in where they’ve come from and where they are headed in a pathway and quest to attaining knowledge and learning.

With the world changing rapidly, permanently, and now; Learners, Instructors, Trainers and all key Stakeholders in education and the workforce are going to seek greater visualization and context, keeping their end learning and training goals in perspective; but with all else, including the variables and their journey to seeking knowledge, skill and competency constantly changing.

As experts in instructional, mediated, and self-directed learning design we have endeavored to address this vital need for visualization and context in learning, in the form of MyLearnerJourney.

MootUS 23:  Have you attended a Moodle Moot before?

MyLearnerJourney: Yes, MyLearnerJourney was a Gold Sponsor and participant at the MoodleMoot 2022 Annual Conference in Barcelona, Spain in October last year.

MootUS 23:  What is your favorite aspect of a MoodleMoot?

MyLearnerJourney: We like the social and networking opportunity with the vast Moodle community, amongst many others at MoodleMoot.

MootUS 23:  Do you have a company highlight from the past 12 months?

MyLearnerJourney: We found our true North Star in 2022, wherein we launched MyLearnerJourney in Beta and saw first-hand the reactions, acceptance and sincere acknowledgement by educators, key influencers and decision makers on the real value we are bringing in by way of this product. This validation and feedback, in turn, has fine-tuned everything we think of, do and aim for in 2023!

MootUS 23:  Share with us one tool or technique you or your client implemented while using Moodle which has benefited you and your organization.

MyLearnerJourney: Creating custom learning experiences based on deep instructional science (both pedagogy and andragogy).

Keeps your learner at the center of their learning



Introducing MyLearnerJourney

Introducing MyLearnerJourney MootUS 23:  Who are you and how does your company help your clients? MyLearnerJourney: We are MyLearnerJourney, we are passionate eXperience designers


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