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What is MyLearnerJourneyTM

MyLearnerJourneyTM, also abbreviated as MLJ is a software-as-a-service eXperience App for Learning that provides a clean visual aid to the Learner of their entire journey through a course.

The MyLearnerJourneyTM gadget is a central intuitive dashboard that provides a complete visual cue to the learner of their progress through the course, activities, completions, accomplishments and more in real-time. The gadget provides a single point access to all vital parameters of the learner’s participation, progress and performance within a course at the highest level and also provides a quick access to all activities that the learner can keep a tab on and launch with ease.

Whether you are creating your courses in your Moodle LMS for an on-ground, high-touch classroom experience, completely online and asynchronous, or as a blended or hybrid learning modality, MLJ is definitely suitable for one and all formats of course delivery.

With MLJ, you now have the power to offer your Learners and your Instructors, a visual 360 degrees view of their course(s) with meaningful insights and actionable data at run-time.

What's in it for my Learner?


What's in it for my Instructor?

We invite all US
K-12 Schools/School districts, Higher Ed Colleges & Univerities
using the Moodle LMS
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