MootUS23 Schedule


The MoodleMoot will operate on Central Standard Time (CST) to accommodate attendees from across North America.

  • January 30th, 2023:  10:00 am CST  to 6:00 pm CST
  • January 31st, 2023:  10:00 am CST to 6:00 pm CST

Day 1: January 30th

ScheduleStartTimeEndTimeStream 1Stream 2
Jan 3010:00 AM10:15 AMIntroductionNA
Jan 3010:15AM11:15 AMKeynote: What's Your Superpower? Dr Michelle Moore, MoodleNA
Jan 3011:15 AM11:30 AMCoffee BreakNA
Jan 3011:30 AM12:00 PMPreparing Faculty to move to Moodle 4: Bethany Smith, Director of Instructional Support and Training at NC State University (25 mins)Moodle Workplace in Governmental / Federal Workspaces: Michael Maloney Andrea Lucas, Maloney: Partner, Skills Transformation Leader for US Federal - Lucas: US Federal Learning Leader at IBM (25 mins)
Jan 3012:00 PM12:30 PMCaptioning your videos in Moodle: Laia J. Canet, Consultant at Brickfield Education Labs (25 Mins)Engaging Users for Compliance Training: Yes, You Have to Do It: Emily Lepping, IEM Learn Admin & Supervisor at IEM (25 mins)
Jan 3012:30 PM1:00 PMPractical Moodle Tips for More Equitable Learning: Lauren Goodman, Learning Designer at Moodle US (25 mins)Selling your courses with Course Merchant: John Ellis, Account Manager at Course Merchant (25 Mins)
Jan 301:00 PM2:00 PMLunch BreakLunch Break
Jan 302:00 PM3:00 PMLightning Presentations

  1. Exploring physical space using H5P Image Hotpot: a case study for remote adult learning: Abby Dowd, Instructional Designer at University of Utah / NNLM (5 mins)

  2. Use OER with Moodle to Create Equity: Dan McGuire, Executive Director at (5 mins)

  3. A Moodle-enhanced lesson to introduce the Sustainable Development Goals in the degree of Primary School Education: Juan Carlos Casañ-Núñez, Associate professor at University of Valencia (Spain) (5 mins)

  4. Creating accessible quizzes: Laia J. Canet, Consultant at Brickfield Education Labs (5 mins)

  5. Using Moodle to support student partnership in assessment: Rob Lowney, Learning Technologist at Dublin City University (5 mins)

  6. New Student Learning Support Course: Paula Collier, Instructional Technologist at Future Generations University (5 mins)

Jan 303:00 PM3:30 PMBreak for Coffee, Tea, Walks, Email
Jan 303:30 PM3:50 PMThe Gapfill and Wordselect Question Types: Marcus Green, Moodle Developer at Catalyst EU (15 mins)A new tool to support student self-assessment: Rob Lowney, Learning Technologist at Dublin City University,Annabella Stover, Student Support & Development, Dublin City University (15 mins)
Jan 303:50 PM4:10 PMMoodle Mobile: A 2023 roadmap discussion. Juan Leyva, Head of Mobile Solutions at Moodle.Towards a Moodler-centered Moodle community: Aurelie Soulier, Community Engagement Lead at Moodle (15 mins)
Jan 304:10 PM4:30 PM1 Million Photos - Using Cincopa Rich Media Assignment Submission to improve the student experience: Christopher Murad, LMS Administration and Operations Manager at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts (15 mins)Gamification to promote engagement among new students: Rob Lowney, Learning Technologist at Dublin City University (15 mins)
Jan 304:30 PM5:00 PMMoodle 4.1: Making courses accessible with the Moodle Accessibility Toolkit: Gavin Henrick, CEO at Brickfield Education Labs,Karen Holland, , Brickfield Education Labs (25 Mins)How we started a B2C Course Creation Platform: Carl Medley, Founder at Course Creativ (25 mins)
Jan 305:00 PM5:30 PMThats a Shell of a Course! Using a Quick Start Course Shell to guide course design in Moodle.: Jill Anderson, Lead Instructional Technologist at NC State University (25 mins)Moodle Magic: How to Turn Your LMS Admin Tasks into a Breeze: Jeff Hamons, Sr. Sales Executive at Moodle (25 mins)
Jan 305:30 PM6:00 PMEnd of Day Panel Discussion

Day 2: January 31st

ScheduleStartTimeEndTimeStream 1Stream 2
Jan 3110:00 AM10:15 AMIntroductionNA
Jan 3110:15 AM11:15 AMKeynote: AI versus AI: Dr Mark Glynn PFHEA, Director of Transformation Architecture for Education at EY Ireland NA
Jan 3111:15 AM11:30 AMShort Coffee BreakShort Coffee Break
Jan 3111:30 AM12:00 PMCentering community in the development of an Indigenous language Moodle site: Elliot Bannister, Language Specialist at Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (25 mins)Proctoring: Myths, facts, and social impact: Alex Vea , Chief Strategy Officer at SmowlTECH, Patxi Brey, Business Development, (25 mins)
Jan 3112:00 PM12:30 PMCustomize Learning Experiences for Students with Core Moodle Tools and Settings: Kerri Brown Parker, Instructional Technologist at NC State University, Arlene Mendoza-Moran NC State University, DELTA (25 mins)Roadmap to Success: Introducing a Moodle Roadmap Plug-in for Enhancing Student Learning: Yan Shen, Instructional Designer at NC State University,Stephen Bader, Associate Director, Open Source Applications, NC State University (25 mins)
Jan 3112:30 PM1:00 PMCognitive science and interactivity: the secret to active students?: Annelies Dejonckheere, Head of Expansion at Wooclap (25 Mins)Time is Linear. But with student at the Center, Learning doesn't have to be. Raju Ganapathy at MyLeanerJourney (25 mins)
Jan 311:00 PM2:00 PMLunch BreakLunch Break
Jan 312:00 PM2:20 PMSupporting educators’ digital competence development through a community initiative: Rob Lowney, Learning Technologist at Dublin City University (15 mins)Building an Elastic Hosting Architecture for Moodle: Galin Vassilev, Head of Technology at Moodle US (15 mins)
Jan 312:20 PM2:40 PMCreating courses for neurodivergent students: Laia J. / Karen Canet / Holland, Consultant at Brickfield Education Labs (15 mins)A feature for every user - Notebook plugin: Steve Massicotte, Software designer at Univesité de Montréal (15 mins)
Jan 312:40 PM3:00 PMStaff and student experiences of Moodle Board in supporting collaborative learning: Rob Lowney, Learning Technologist at Dublin City University (15 mins)What is the Moodle Users Association? Thomas Korner, MUA
Jan 313:00 PM3:30 PMBreak for Coffee, Tea, Walks, EmailBreak for Coffee, Tea, Walks, Email
Jan 313:30 PM3:50 PMTaking Adult Learners to Task: Increasing Engagement with Task-specific Instruction: Phillip Potter, Lead Instructional Designer at Kinetic Instruction (15 mins)Supporting academic integrity through Moodle, Mahara and Ouriginal: Rob Lowney, Learning Technologist at Dublin City University (15 mins)
Jan 313:50 PM4:10 PM6 Tips to improve accessibility of your Moodle courses! - Gavin Henrick, Karen Holland, Co-Founders Brickfield Education Labs. to be confirmed
Jan 314:10 PM4:30 PMImproving Moodle Competency Reporting: Kimberly Tomkinson, Instructional Designer at Idaho State University (15 mins)Tidy Moodle, Tidy Mind - cleaning, categorising and creating conventions for courses: Rob Lowney, Learning Technologist at Dublin City University (15 mins)
Jan 314:30 PM5:00 PMTeaching Effective Virtual Classes using Moodle and BigBlueButton: Fred Dixon, CEO at Blindside Networks Inc. (25 Mins)Zen and the Art of Moodle Troubleshooting (Help US Help You): Shalimar Anderson, CS Support Manager at Moodle US (25 mins)
Jan 315:00 PM5:30 PMFrom Reactive to Proactive Accessibility: Carli Cockrell, Learning Designer at Moodle (25 mins)Best Practices for Academic Integrity in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Joseph Thibault, Founder at Cursive (25 mins)
Jan 315:30 PM6:00 PMClosing PanelNA

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