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SMOWL Proctoring Software

Smowltech is an ed-tech proctoring service that has been a part of the Moodle ecosystem for over ten years.

Moodle is designed to provide educators, administrators, and students with an integrated learning system. But this process also needs to end with fairly assessed exams: that is where SMOWL comes in.

SMOWL is a remote monitoring software that allows users to conduct online exams while preventing suspicious activity. With SMOWL, Smowltech seeks to enable quality education worldwide by providing a secure testing environment. By using SMOWL proctoring for Moodle exams, you invest in safe training and evaluation.

Smowltech complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is endorsed by the European Commission in developing its technology from a privacy and ethical point of view to strengthen further the security of its software and users’ data.

Values are essential in Smowltech, which is why besides contributing towards achieving accessible quality education, the company is committed to reaching another of the United Nations’ SDGs: climate action. As software focused on e-learning, the SMOWL development process always considers environmental and social impact.

SMOWL offers a wide variety of products containing an extensive range of features that make the software accessible to any educational or corporate institution.

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